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 The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Band Versus a DJ

So you want to throw a party and you want your guests to be entertained with music, among other things. Your party might be a wedding reception, a Bar Mitzvah, a graduation, an anniversary, a birthday or any number of occasions or reasons. The vexing problem you face is whether to hire a live band or a DJ or even both. Lets look at some of the factors that will contribute to your decision.

For a versatile collection of music, a DJ is hard to beat. A DJ can pack more varieties of music in the trunk of his or her car than a dozen bands could possibly play. The music is produced on a high-quality professional sound system and features the original recording artists, for the most part. A DJ can also be an entertainer, not just some person who plays one tune after another.  

Live bands, on the other hand, while perhaps more limited on the variety of music they can play, offer great entertainment value and a more spontaneous musical environment.  And while it may be hard to match the versatility a DJ can offer, there are plenty of multidimensional live bands to be found that offer a broad base of musical genres to please a diverse audience.

Of course, both DJs and live bands can also concentrate on a particular style or musical genre, if desired. So if Big Band, Hip Hop, Hard Rock, etc. are what you want to have played at your function, both DJs and live bands can accommodate your request.

The downside of a live band, is that frequent breaks are necessary. People generally don’t understand why this is necessary, but it is. A good quality performance from a live band or a DJ is pretty exhausting and difficult to keep up. Breaks let the performers catch their breath and a better over-all experience will result. (The Great Randini Entertainment DJ does not take breaks.)

Unfortunately, breaks do tend to put a damper on a party that is going along successfully. However, if you really want to keep the party rolling along, offer the best variety of music possible and allow the performers to get a sufficient amount of break time how about hiring both a DJ and a live band and let them take their turns at performing? The music never stops and the variety is sure to please all party-goers. Of all of the better ideas that have come along over the years, this is one that makes a lot of sense for all of the reasons mentioned above.

If your in the market for entertainment at a function, consider hiring both a DJ and a live band. Do your research to find the performers you believe suit your needs and give your guests a great musical experience!


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