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Looking for a Way to Add to Your Event?

LED Ambient Lighting

Put the Finishing Touch to Your Event, Create an Elegant Environment. Ask us about adding LED Ambient Lighting to your Party or Event.  LED Lighting Can Produce Virtually any Color by Combining any Mixture of the Three Principal Colors of Red, Blue and Green Resulting in a Multitude of Colors. Our Ambient Lighting will Add a Dramatic Effect and Change the Look and Feel of any Room and Achieve a Party Environment!  Lighting demonstrated on Picture 1 thru 6

Laser Lighting

Our dual laser lighting units will project thousands of red, blue and green laser beams and motion effects, which generate eye-catching effects with sound-activated and automated programs, as well as single colored lighting. They cover a large, wide area and look great for any event. They can be used to project dynamic lighting on the floor, walls or ceiling.  Lighting demonstrated on Picture 8 & 9 Red & Green & Red & Blue

The Cost for this Extra is Very Affordable!

Ask Us About Adding Ambient Lighting and/or Laser Lights to Your Package!


Picture 7 Shows our Professional Set-Up!!


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